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Passings: Tim Wright of Pere Ubu and DNA (1952 - 2013)

Tim Wright, bassist for the bands Pere Ubu and DNA, died on Sunday although no cause of death has been announced.

David Thomas, frontman of Pere Ubu, broke the news on Facebook, saying "Tim Wright died Sunday, August 4 2013, reports longtime partner Mary Ann Livchak. He was an original member of Pere Ubu and later a contributor to the No Wave scene of New York City."

Wright had originally been the soundman for the Cleveland band Rocket From the Tombs which was headed by Thomas. When the group broke up, Tim was convinced to learn the bass to play in Thomas' next group Pere Ubu.

Pere Ubu released a series of singles while building a reputation around the Cleveland area. Unfortunately, internal strife within the group, including disagreements over the use of two different guitarists, led to a number of membership changes and Wright left the group during the late summer of 1976.

Meanwhile, in New York, the no wave group DNA was playing at clubs like CBGB and Max's Kansas City. When original bassist Robin Crutchfield left the group, he was replaced by Wright who, despite only a couple of years of playing, brought a disciplined bass to the band. Their updated sound, while still very avant garde and industrial, drew a small following in the New York area and led to the recording of A Taste of DNA in 1981.

The band dissolved in 1982 with Wright continuing in music for the rest of his life, working with Brian Eno and David Byrne on their 1981 album My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, Dio and the Dixie Chicks. He also continued to record as a solo artist with 1994's Survival and 2008's Beyond Your Back Door.