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Brian Viglione of the Dresden Dolls Joins the Violent Femmes

Former Dresden Dolls drummer Brian Viglione is the new drummer for The Violent Femmes replacing Victor DeLorenzo who announced his departure today.

Violent Femmes is now Brian Ritchie, Gordon Gano and Brian Viglione.

Victor left a cryptic comment on Facebook this week announcing his exit from the band. “…don’t let yer past inter-fear with your future, yeah…,” he wrote.

Victor rejoined the band for their recent reunion. “We did those two Coachella gigs and two more including Milwaukee with Victor to celebrate 30th anniversary of the first album,” Brian Ritchie tells Noise11. “And now for the future we want to play with Brian Viglione”.

Violent Femmes are planning more shows around the world. “We’re just getting going here with some gigs and haven’t discussed the future very much aside from wanting to show our faces around the world a bit after 6 years away,” Brian said.

The next shows for The Violent Femmes are Central Park NYC on Sept. 12 and Chicago on Sept. 14.