Billy Bragg to Be Awarded the AIM Outstanding Contribution to Music

The Association of Independent Music in the U.K. has announced that they will be giving their Outstanding Contribution to Music Award for 2013 to Billy Bragg.

Billy released his first album, Life's a Riot With Spy vs. Spy, thirty years ago and put out his latest, Tooth and Nail, earlier this year. In between, Bragg has become one of Britain's foremost writer of politically-themed music with a style that has amazingly mixed folk and punk.

Alison Wenham, the CEO of the Association of Independent Music, said "Billy is bottled independent spirit. His ethos, his work ethic, his constant campaigning towards a better deal for musicians the world over – not forgetting a catalogue of great music - earns him AIM's coveted 2013 Outstanding Contribution to Music."

Bragg reacted, saying "I was inspired by punk rock, not just by the music but by the DIY ethos that drove the scene. Over the years I've held onto that spirit by working with labels whose commitment to independence has offered me greater control of my output. Therefore, to be recognized by AIM as an artist who has made an outstanding contribution to music is a great honor."

The AIM Awards will be held on Tuesday, September 3 at The Brewery in London.

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