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AC/DC's Original Lead Singer, Dave Evans, Recording New EP

People have short memories, especially when it comes to Dave Evans. Not only do the fans forget that he was the original lead singer for AC/DC for a year before Bon Scott, but so do the band members.

Evans told Wales Online "They like to pretend in interviews that Bon Scott was there from the very beginning. The truth of the matter is that a lot went on before Bon became involved — in fact, the band had already got through two bass players, three drummers and a handful of managers by that point. Actually, Bon used to come to our early gigs. He had a beard and played flute in a hippie band called Fraternity at the time — and all the stuff he'd later do onstage with AC/DC, like taking off his shirt and carrying Angus around on his shoulders, was nicked off me. He was a good chameleon, what can I say?"

Evans was in the band during 1973 and 1974 and went on to the group Rabbit, Thunderstruck and his own band, The Badasses, along with three solo albums. In late July, he will be entering the studio once again to record a new EP, Nothing to Prove, which will be out later in the year on Rocksector Records. The EP will include three original cuts written by Evans and Chris Appleton along with a surprise cut.


Forumble said…
Dave Evans needs to let his failure with AC/DC go. He recorded ONE 45 rpm single with the band - which Bon Scott infinitely improved the following year. What a wanker Dave Evans is. - Especially calling his crap band "Thunderstruck". Pfft.