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Passings: Steve Hyams of Mott the Hoople (1950 - 2013)

Steve Hyams, a journeyman singer and guitarist who played with some of Britains' most progressive bands, died back on May 11 in Kingston upon Thames, Britain, although his passing is only now coming to light. Hyams had long battled heart problems. He was 62.

Hyams learned guitar as a teen and, in the late 60's, shared a London apartment with members of the new group Mott the Hoople. He is credited with introducing the members of the group to an up-and-coming singer named David Bowie, an influence that would lead to the group's working with Bowie and recording his All the Young Dudes.

When Ian Hunter made the decision to leave Mott the Hoople, he recommended Hyams as his replacement. Steve recorded one album with the group in 1977 that was blocked from release over legal difficulties with the group name although it was eventually put out in 1993.

Ironically, a solo album that he recorded in the mid-70's, Mistaken Identities, also was not released until 1997. That album came about after he was heard in a West London pub by American folk singer Tim Hardin who helped Hyams get a recording contract.

Post Mott the Hoople, Hyams played in British Lions with Mott guitarist Ray Majors. He also played session guitar for the likes of Fleetwood Mac and Spooky Tooth.

Hyams is survived by his partner, Jennifer Wilson, a son and a daughter.