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Passings: Paul Giacalone, of the Fireflies and Writer of "You Were Mine"

Giacalone (far left)
Paul Giacalone of the Fireflies (You Were Mine), died on Thursday from unknown causes.

Word came from Vito Picone, lead singer of the Elegents, on his Facebook page.
Lost another good friend and colleague. RIP Paul Giacalone original member of the Fireflies.(You were mine and Can't say goodbye). Goodbye Paisano.
The Fireflys formed in Philadelphia in 1957 and underwent a number of lineup changes over their early career. Their first single, The Crawl, on the Roulette label failed to hit so they moved to a new contract with Ribbon Records where they changed the spelling of the group's name to the Fireflies.

Giacalone, who became a member during the infancy of the group, wrote the song You Were Mine which was released on Ribbon Records and rose to number 21 in 1959. While the song was not a huge hit in its day, it has become a doo wop standard over the years.

The Fireflies only charted one more song, 1960's I Can't Say Goodbye, which peaked at 90, although they released a total of eight singles over their ten year career. The went on to record for Canadian American and Taurus Records with little success.

Giacalone left the music business after he quit the Fireflies but, in 1992, formed a new version of the group of which he was a member until his death.


Anonymous said…
Just a few corrections: Paul Giacalone passed away after a long battle with cancer on June 27th, 2013. The Fireflies were formed on Long Island, not Philadelphia, Paul didn't quit The Fireflies, the whole band just parted ways, and the new Fireflies were put together in 1999, not 1992 ~ Crysta Morse (Paul's Granddaughter) By the way I made him a memorial website if anyone wants to check it out!