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Passings: Denita James of Hodges, James and Smith

Hodges, James, Smith
Denita James, who was a member of the 70's R&B trio Hodges, James and Smith, passed away on Wednesday.

Trio member Jessica Smith sent a letter to the Soulful Detroit forum reporting her death.
My Dear Friends,

To all of our friends and well-wishers who loved Hodges James & Smith it is with great heaviness in my heart that I have to report one third of us is missing in the lineup. Denita James made her transition on June 25, 2013. What’s so amazing about this day is that this is the same day my mother made her transition in 2005, and Michael Jackson four years ago.

Of course, we had so many wonderful times and experiences together, too many to list at this time. But I will always remember recording in the studio or traveling the world, especially when she married in Stockholm, Sweden. I can still see the alter of the church in which she was married.

It has truly been happiness working with James because she helped to make my dreams come true, that is becoming a world renowned performer. She had already been missed long before she made her transition because she was unable to participate with Pat Hodges and me in the
many events that we took part in.

Pat Hodges and I thank all of you for your prayers and condolences.

God Bless and take care of all of you.

Jessica Smith
Denita James had a background in ballet and tap dancing and had released one single in the mid-60's on Flip Records.  In the early 70's, William "Mickey" Stevenson of Motown records recruited her to join Smith and Pat Hodges to form an act that would rival the Supremes.

The group regularly performed throughout Europe in night clubs, a path regularly taken by the Motown group, and recorded two albums, Incredible (1973) and Power in Your Love (1975), neither of which caused a stir with record buyers.

The group signed with London records in 1976 where they found a small bit of success, making it to number 26 on the R&B charts in 1977 with Since I Fell For You/I'm Falling in Love. It ended up being the biggest hit of their career.

They went on to do session work with artists like Bobby Womack and Sylvester before eventually breaking up.


Unknown said…
It seems that we lost a beautiful woman much too soon. Talented, hardworking and driven. I was the writer(co)producer of " I have feelings too, and wrote "Wild Side". I last saw Denita Febuary,2004 at the "Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Review"we lost touch after she appeared in Japan in the 80's.Iamblessed to have the only picture of her and I on my wall in my studio, along with the one of the original recordings. I just found out about her passing a few days ago when my wife was looking to reunite us. God Bless her family and friend Pat Hodges. I have lost true friend. I'm only sorry I didn't get to say good bye.

Clifford Davis
Mr. Motowb said…
What a loss! That "Incredible" album" was aptly named and should have made it to the top of the charts! I would love to know who sang lead on the different songs! I wonder if the fourth (and original) member, Caroyn Crawford, who went on to great fame with the late Hamilton Bohannon, would be willing to rejoin the group!