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Passings: Arturo Vega, Art Director For the Ramones (1948 - 2013)

Arturo Vega who worked for The Ramones for 22-years and designed their iconic logo has died.

As well as The Ramones logo, Vega also designed many of the band’s album covers and stage designs. His art created the image of New York punk.

Friend Legs McNeil, author of Please Kill Me, said in a Facebook post, “One of the best friends anyone could ever hope for. I knew and hung out with Arturo since 1976– 37 fucking years, if my math is correct– and if it weren’t for Arturo– Joey and I would’ve starved to death in those early years. Artie was so fucking fun– he made every thing into an adventure. The world just became a much colder and lonelier place– as if it wasn’t getting that way already. Fuck, I miss him so much already”.

Arturo Vega first met The Ramones as they formed and shared his home, just doors down from CBGBs, with Dee Dee and Joey Ramone as they started out.

Arturo designed the Ramones logo for a T-Shirt to sell at gigs. “Rock T shirts were not as we know then as today,” he told Sabotage Times in January. “It was very rare to see a band selling shirts at a gig – especially a band as early into their career as The Ramones.”

Vega was 65-years old.


Road Cat said…
I meet Arturo at Performance Studios here in NYC back in the early 70's when the Ramones were first starting out and developing their one of a kind music and look. In those days Arturo dressed pretty wildly in colorful mesh and stripped shirts, wide belts and large sunglasses. We both were there from the first days of the Ramones to over 22 years of touring with the band. The Ramones couldn't pay Arturo at first so he would make the tee shirts by hand and then sell them at the venues just to be able to tour with the band. Being a great artist helped him develop a unique look for the Ramones stage lighting when he became the bands lighting director. Of course he's most famous for creating the Ramones eagle logo now an iconic image. Arturo would create and hand paint most of the bands large backdrops and also that wonderfully quirky Pinhead sign (Gabba Gabba Hey!). He was a multi-talented guy and my very good friend ... Adios Amigo.
Monte A. Melnick author of "On The Road with the Ramones"