Ozzy Osbourne Overwhelmed By Success of "13"

Ozzy Osbourne is "devastated" by the success of his new album. The rocker recently released album 13 with his Black Sabbath bandmates Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler.

Ozzy is totally overwhelmed by the news their record has performed beyond all expectations. "This has really freaked me out," Ozzy explained to UK newspaper The Telegraph. I knew it was a f**king good album, but when somebody just told me it's gone top in 50 countries - I didn't know there were fifty countries, and I'm number one in all of them! I'm just devastated."

Ozzy has had a well-publicised battle with drink and drugs that has plagued his career with Black Sabbath.

The 64-year-old released a statement in April this year admitting he had resumed drinking and taking drugs for the past 18 months. He also stated he had been clean since March, with his problems affecting his home life and resulting in him living apart from wife Sharon for a while.

Despite those issues, the band came together surprisingly easily during last year's recording sessions. "It was like getting back to the fish in water," Ozzy said. "You know, we swam."

Ozzy admits he is the reason that the band's attempts to reform previously have failed. Around 11 years ago when the band tried to record together, his main consideration was his family's reality TV show The Osbournes.

"My ego - I was riding on this f**king cloud of being television's new megastar for five minutes," he admitted. "I was doing well on my own, so it took me a while to get that balanced out in my head. I mean, it's not Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbath. It's f**king Black Sabbath. It's different from me doing my own thing."

As far as whether there is a future for Black Sabbath after the current tour, "It depends on Tony. At the moment, we're doing so many weeks on the road, then he has to go back for more treatment [for lymphoma]. He's had chemo and radiotherapy, and now he's on a thing to boost his immune system. I really hope it's gone for good. I'm sure it has. But you never know with that stuff."

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