Glen Campbell Losing the Fight Against Alzheimer's

It has now been two years since Glen Campbell first revealed to the world that he was suffering from Alzheimer's Disease. Since that time, he has released a new album (Ghost on the Canvas) and gone on a final tour with yet another album coming soon, but the disease is starting to take its toll.

Campbell's family, including his wife Kim and daughter Ashley, and his producer, Julian Raymond, have all talked to Country Weekly with the article coming in their June 24 issue.  Among the revelations is that the disease is progressing with Campbell suffering side effects such as anxiety and depression.

Glen's wife Kim told the magazine "One time, he couldn’t use the television remote. He knew what it was but couldn’t figure out how to use it. And he got so agitated that he threw the remote at the television."

Daughter Ashley, who played with Campbell as part of his touring band, said "It’s heartbreaking to see this disease robbing him of what he does best."

Campbell's new album, See You There, was recorded at the same time as Ghost on the Canvas and contains new versions of many of his hits. It is out on August 13 via Surfdog.


Anonymous said...

Distressing to hear of progression of the disease, it meant so much to many when Glen came out with alzheimers, and from Melbourne Australia we wish him well

Anonymous said...

What an awesome talent,Ive loved Glen Campbells music since I was a child.What a great career he,s had,just wish we had him a little longer.Keith from Memphis

Norman Stanley said...

What a great talent he was it's so sad that he is so sick with Alzeimers disease

Anonymous said...

I feel so sad. Such a remarkable musician and entertainer. I have a lot of gratitude for his music.

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