Watch: "Trailer" For David Lee Roth Written and Acted Japanese Film

A short film has been released that was written by and stars Van Halen lead singer David Lee Roth. While it is called a "movie trailer", many are speculating that it is actually a short film that Roth made as an experiment.

Roth plays the lead role of the Hitman in the movie. He is credited with creating the “Original Story”.

Roth has been living for the past year in Japan and we now know what he has been doing with his spare time.

This week a four-minute trailer for the Roth movie went online. Roth the hitman takes on three Japanese card players, including a very large and most likely sumo wrestler. Despite them taunting him by throwing fried food and laughing the end result is a bloody slaughter with the dragon tattooed Roth the victor.

All dialogue (including Roth’s) is in Japanese. All music is original Japanese music composed for the movie.

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