Watch: Official Video For "Fix Ur Life Up" by Prince

Prince has released the official video for his new single, Fix Ur Life Up, just days after announcing his new partnership with Kobalt Label Services.

According to music blogger Dr. Funkenberry, the video is directed by Sanaa Hamri and the live crowd portion was filmed in San Diego during Prince and 3rd Eye Girl’s current ‘Live Out Loud’ tour, which concludes this Saturday in Prince’s hometown of Minneapolis.

Almost immediately following yesterday’s announcement however, the clip was taken down, citing issues with the quality of the video on mobile devices.

It reappeared today at the original link.

The video starts with somewhat of a throwback to 1984, using the same split-screen mirror effect that was used in the film clip for his smash hit, When Doves Cry.

With messages that are both political and self-empowering in nature, Fix Ur Life Up touches on issues from gun control to misogyny in the music industry and encourages people to focus on doing what they love.

Typically controversial, the video also poses the question, “When did the truth become illegal?”

Fix Ur Life Up is available on iTunes and is expected to appear on Prince & 3rd Eye Girl’s new album, with the working title Plectrum Electrum, although details about this are yet to be confirmed.

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Anonymous said...

Pls choose your words! Do not insult and tell to the owners of that video that ppl who live where I live do not care to see that video even if we were allowed!

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