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Passings: Eric Kitteringham of Rory Gallagher's Taste

Taste (1968): Damery, Gallagher, Kitteringham
Source: Facebook, Rory Gallagher Tribute Page
Eric Kitteringham, who played guitar in Rory Gallagher's early band Taste, passed away in his hometown of Cork, Ireland after battling an undisclosed illness, assumed to be cancer. He was 66.

Kitteringham played in one of the most popular bands of the Cork area during the mid-60's, The Axils, along with Norman Damery. The pair went on to join Rory Gallagher to form the band Taste in 1966. Kitteringham and Damery stayed with the band for two years, playing around the U.K. and Germany, but left before the group's appearance at the Isle of Wight Festival in 1970.  They only released on single during that period in the group's history.

The following was posted on Rory Gallagher's official website.
Yesterday, while walking by Crowelys Music Store, on MacCurtain St., in Cork, I was saddened to learn that Eric Kitteringham had passed away, earlier that morning.

As the original bassist for Taste and formally with Cork group the Axils, Eric was someone I had both admiration for as a person and as a musician.

His early band the Axils would perform at many venues throughout the City, Rory and I would enjoy catching them play and a strong friendship between Eric ( plus others in the group) and Rory ensued. Inevitably, Eric, Rory and Norman banded together as Taste, following the split of the Axils.

Cork's Cavern Club where I worked, would become a base for the group. In the Summer of '67, the group's appeal in Belfast increased they located there, where I joined them some months later.

So, a 'home-coming' gig had to be staged back in Cork, Eric and I as the pillion passenger, on his Honda 125, motorcycle, drove the 260 miles overnight to set the gig up at Cork's City Hall.

In later life, Eric was stricken with a stroke, this prevented him continuing as a bass player and ultimately he suffered from cancer.

My sincere condolences to his family.

May Eric rest in peace.

Kitteringham is survived by his wife, Pamela and two daughters.