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Musical Based on the Small Faces and the Mod Era to Open in 2014

Plans are underway to open a "Mod Musical" based on the lives and music of the Small Faces. All or Nothing is written and produced by actress Carol Harrison (Eastenders), in association with Joan Lane (The Kings Speech).

Original band members Ian Mc Lagan and Kenny Jones are musical consultants on the production. The musical is set to arrive in London in 2014 and will mark the 50th anniversary of the 'Mod' era, an era that redefined British music. All Or Nothing has a unique blend of comedy and tragedy whilst rocking to live music playing most of the group's hits such as Itchychoo Park and Whatcha Gonna Do About It.

“This production encapsulates everything it is to be a 'mod' - the clothes, the attitude and of course some of the best British music ever to have been written and produced”, says Harrison.

Band member Steve Marriott has been described by no less than Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger and David Bowie as “the best vocalist this country has ever produced”.

The musical is set to do a 24-week tour (From around spring next year) with five consecutive weeks in London reawakening the 'Mod' in everyone up and down the country.

Founded in 1965 the Small Faces have been acknowledged as one of the most influential bands on Britpop. After Steve Marriott dramatically left the band in 1969, they renamed themselves the Face’s with Rod Stewart as lead vocalist and Ronnie Wood on guitar. The band finally came to an end in 1978 but remain as one of Britain’s legendary bands.

All or nothing The Mod Musical from snowstorm-media academy on Vimeo.