Dickey Betts Cleared of Cancer; Cancels Balance of May Dates

Over the last month, Dickey Betts has been forced to cancel or postpone a number of dates due to an undisclosed illness.

Beginning on April 12, notices began appearing on his Facebook page mentioning health problems but with no information on what the guitarist was facing. Most mentioned that the postponements were due to "doctor's orders."

We still don't know what is going on with Dickey, but we at least know what he doesn't have and that is cancer. Bett's manager, David Spero, posted the following message to both Dickey's official site and his Facebook page:
First the good news. Doctors have finished testing all of the biopsies they took from Dickey in a previous procedure. All of them came back negative for cancer of the bladder and prostate. Dickey is undergoing another procedure today to give him some relief from the problems that put those tests in motion. He is getting stronger every day and should resume touring next month. That being said, the May performance at Wild Bills is postponed (again) and a new date will be announced soon. Thanks for your interest in his health and your patience. I will update this situation again next week.
David Spero (Dickey's manager)
Bett's next scheduled appearance is Friday, June 7 at the Flying Monkey Performance Center in Plymouth, NH.

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