Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young 1974 Live Album Put Off Until Next Year

Add the upcoming 1974 live album by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young to the long list of CSN projects that will be out "someday."

Scheduled for August 27, the document of the groups 1974 tour is now pushed out until 2014. Graham Nash told ABC Radio News that there are two reasons for the delay.

"We were gonna bring it out in August, but next year is the 40th anniversary of the tour, and so I'm gonna wait for spring of next year.

"You gotta understand, our shows were three or four hours long and there are four of us and we were all writing like crazy. I just found a one-minute, 10-second song of Neil Young's about Richard Nixon that I can't leave off. It's brilliant…So, my point is, I'm still forming and shaping the album."

For those disappointed by the delay, know that the wait may be worth it as the release should contain around 38 songs.


Anonymous said...

Typical B.S. from "The Band Who Cried Wolf", which has a history of announcing archival projects which never happen. My guess is that Neil Young and his attorneys said "No".

My guess is that when all four of these guys are dead, then the archival projects will be released....if there is still any music industry in existence to release them.

Anonymous said...

I doubt it's always Neil's fault.
Maybe I'm wrong?
Consider that lots of CSN product has been delayed without Neil's involvement like the 3 DVD set from 2004.

Anonymous said...

It seems it's always Neil's fault. He has stalled countless CSNY projects (even TV clips from shows which aired more than 40 years ago). Anything that deals with the four of them, he seems to interfere with it. It's almost like he's embarrassed to have been a part of the band at all. He has no trouble putting Crazy Horse material (some of it rather inferior, IMHO)or his solo stuff (which is, for the most part, brilliant). I've always thought he was out to diminish the power and commercialism of CSNY. I don't know how or why David, Stephen and Graham put up with it. Of course, having Neil on board does allow for huge financial rewards. Perhaps they should just tell him "see you later, we're tired of this."

Anonymous said...

There is a great possibility that the delay of the CSNY 74 project is due to Nash's previous comments regarding a "final" CSNY tour around the project. Both CSN and Neil are booked late until the fall, and would be ready to go out following Farm Aid, the Bridge the Holidays etc. That puts everyone free for the spring. Let's hope that's the deal!

Anonymous said...

Neil Young seems to always want to distance himself from Crosby, Stills & Nash, because CS&N were unwilling(or unable) to remain contemporary. Undoubtedly, the phrase "Park Bench Mutations"(in one of the songs on Neil's album "Rust Never Sleeps") was a reference to CS&N.

We know that Neil disdains nostalgia, and blocking Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young archival projects is simply Neil trying to show that he's a cool, moody, cutting edge artist who detests nostalgia. The guy's gonna be 70 in 2015, and he's still obsessed with showing how "cool" he is. Spare us, Neil.

Unknown said...

Maybe it's just the time involved. Nash is the guy putting it all together and he just finished putting Stills retro together. These guys don't have to rush around for us. Maybe it's just wants to take his time and do a little each week. He has a lot of sorting listening, and re-listening to do.

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