Aerosmith Cancels Indonesia Show Over Bomb Plot

Aerosmith has decided to cancel a May 11 show in Jakarta, Indonesia after reports of a plot to bomb the Myanmar Embassy.

The government of Indonesia announced that they had thwarted a bombing by two militants of the embassy in protest of Myanmar's treatment of Muslims. While the threatened action was not directly related to the concert, there is a possibility that further threats may have been uncovered that included the show.

While nothing has been posted on Aerosmith's own site, they released a statement on the promoter, Ismaya Live's site.
AEROSMITH have been forced to cancel their Saturday, May 11 concert at JIEXPO Kemayoran Jakarta, Indonesia due to safety concerns.

Despite having a massive fan base in Indonesia, the band says: “Unfortunately, we have to cancel our upcoming show in Jakarta. We want to apologize to all our fans who were expecting to see us and hope that one day we can make it up to them.

We would also like to thank everyone at Dyandra Entertainment, Ismaya Live and Sound Rhythm for the time and effort they put into the pre-production of this show.”

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