Review & Set List: Van Halen @ Stone Music Festival, Sydney, Australia

It was the first time that Van Halen had played Australia with David Lee Roth and, for now, the only time. The band played at the Stone Music Festival at Homebush in Sydney Sunday night and it marks only the second time Van Halen, in any form, had played the city with the other being April 20, 1998 when former Extreme frontman Gary Cherone was lead singer.

Roth’s reunion with Van Halen has been turbulent and the shows have been sparse. Prior to yesterday’s concert at Homebush in Sydney, Van Halen had not played live since mid last year.

The Van Halen setlist was kept to the Roth years (don’t even mention the Sammy Hagar war). With a new album, A Different Kind of Truth, in 2012 Van Halen also had the chance to try out some new music on the audience.

Considering this was the first and maybe even the last time Roth and Van Halen will ever perform in Australia attendance was poor. Maybe 5000 punters witnessed the rare Van Halen show in Sydney. A cold and rainy night at an outdoor gig did nothing to entice people out of their homes for this show either. Not even the late addition of Aerosmith to the bill took Stone Fest off life support. Those who did see it witnessed something special.

The setlist for Van Halen at Stone Music Festival Saturday, April 20 was:

Main Set
  • Unchained (from Fair Warning, 1981)
  • Runnin’ With The Devil (from Van Halen, 1977)
  • She’s The Woman (from A Different Kind Of Truth, 2012)
  • Romeo Delight (from Women and Children First, 1980)
  • Tattoo (from A Different Kind Of Truth, 2012)
  • Everybody Wants Some (from Women and Children First, 1980)
  • Somebody Get Me A Doctor (from Van Halen II, 1979)
  • China Town (from A Different Kind Of Truth, 2012)
  • Oh, Pretty Woman (from Diver Down, 1982)
  • Drum Solo
  • You Really Go Me (from Van Halen, 1977)
  • Dance The Night Away (from Van Halen II, 1979)
  • I’ll Wait (from 1984, 1984)
  • Hot For Teacher (from 1984, 1984)
  • Beautiful Girls (from Van Halen II, 1979)
  • Ice Cream Man (from Van Halen, 1977)
  • Panama (from 1984, 1984)
  • Guitar solo
  • Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love (from Van Halen, 1977)
  • Jump (from 1984, 1984)

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PurpleSnake said...

Great show by the VH boys, sound disappointing at times (too much bass)and despite Roth's limitations as a vocalist, it was great to see this line-up finally play Down Under.

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