Meat Loaf Admits to Balance Problems, Is Jealous of Springsteen and Jagger

Meat Loaf is jealous of musicians of his age that are still able to do amazing moves on stage.

The 65-year-old singer is currently on his Last at Bat Tour, which is being billed as a farewell series of shows. Meat Loaf has claimed previous tours would be his last, but this time around he is adamant he won't be returning to the stage.

As much as he loves performing for fans, health problems mean he can't do it anymore. He has collapsed on stage in the past and cancelled several Last at Bat Tour dates due to health problems.

"This really is my final tour. I won't be talked out of it. I've had all these concussions, and they're now starting to play havoc with my equilibrium and balance. I was upstairs getting dressed earlier and if you'd had a camera on me you'd be asking, 'How much has that guy had to drink?' That's a problem on stage," he explained to Q magazine.

"I stumble and people think I've been drinking. It upsets me and I'm jealous, because I see Bruce [Springsteen] sliding across the stage on his knees, and [Sir Mick] Jagger's still doing it, but I've got 100lbs. on him and that extra weight has a bearing on your bones and joints."

Meat Loaf is rumoured to have undergone some unusual medical treatments during his life. It was claimed he injected his own urine after struggling with voice problems, something he is now clearing up.

The star insists the practice isn't as unusual as many think.

"An allergy specialist mixed my urine with some other stuff first. So there was some urine in the solution to help fight allergies. You don't just pee in a bottle and stick a needle in and inject it," he laughed.

"A few years ago I was at the Cigar Club in Beverly Hills and there were some really famous people there one night - no, I won't give you their names, but they were people you would have heard of - and they were all peeing in glasses and bringing them back and having others drink it. It was an allergy thing. I wasn't involved, but I was there."

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