Quincy Jones at 80: "I've Never Been Happier"

Today (March 14) is a major milestone for Quincy Jones. He turns 80 ans says he's "never been happier" in his whole life.

Entering into the octogenarian epoch doesn't scare him at all. His gusto for living increases by the day.

"I've never been happier," Quincy told USA Today. "I party. I got a master's degree in that."

Claiming that he has '22 girlfriends', father of seven Quincy declares he has no more room for children at this stage in life.  "I can't have a rug rat right now, like cats and dogs, scratching all my s**t up," he laughed. "I'm done with that."

Quincy credits his vigour to the $22,000 bioDensity exercise machine in his house. Although he works out, he doesn't engage in body activity too intensely. "All the athletes use [the bioDensity machine]," Quincy said. "My workouts are 10 minutes and five seconds. Two days ago, I lifted 388lbs and then 2,200lbs, almost a ton, but only for five seconds.

"Feel that. Isn't that something?' he said as he flexed his forearm.

'The doctor told me, 'I can keep you here until you're 110, if you behave.' Can I start behaving at 109?"

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