Bruce Springsteen Returning to London's Hard Rock Calling Despite Plug Pulling Incident

2012's Hard Rock Calling Poster
Either Bruce Springsteeen wants to give the City of London a second chance or he's promised to stay on time, but the singer and his E-Street Band have signed to appear for the second year in a row at London's Hard Rock Calling festival.

Last year, Springsteen and band were on-stage singing with guest Paul McCartney when they ran past the city's noise curfew and had the plug pulled on the stage's sound system. The event led to some harsh words from guitarist Steven Van Zandt who said that Britain had become a "police state." London's mayor, Boris Johnson, was critical of the action, saying it was an "excessively efficacious decision."

Hard Rock Calling moves this year to Olympic Park in London and will be held June 29 and 30. Kasabian headlines Saturday while Springsteen has Sunday with the Black Crowes in support. Also appearing a the likes of Paul Weller, the Cribs and Klaxons.

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