Berry Gordy Calls Motown: The Musical His "Last Major Endeavor"

Berry Gordy didn't specifically use the R-word but he came as close as he ever has to using the word retire in a new interview with Billboard magazine.

Gordy's Motown: The Musical, a Broadway show that he co-produced, wrote and for which he composed three original songs, starts previews tonight on the Great White Way and he says it is his "last major endeavor."

At 83, Gordy has been the constant behind Motown Records and all of its subsidiary labels for the last 54 years. He has overseen much of the day-to-day activities in that name brand, even after he sold the label to MCA in 1988 (it is now owned by Universal Music Group).

Gordy told Billboard "Most likely it will be my last major endeavor in a creative way. Of course everyone disagrees with me when I say that statement. This is probably the epitome of everything I've done - that I've wanted to do.

"I did the Broadway musical mainly for, I think, the people around the world that believed in me when they had no real reason to other than the music that they heard and loved [but] if you come up with something bigger than Broadway, I might be interested."

And, thus, the R-word is relegated to an afterthought.

To see the complete article on Gordy and Motown: The Musical, visit Billboard.

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