Set List: The Hollies 50th Anniversary Tour @ Claudelands Arena, Hamilton, NZ

The Hollies chose New Zealand to kick off their year long 50th Anniversary Tour, starting last Wednesday in Palmerstown North and winding through Dunedin and Napier to their fourth concert on Monday night in Hamilton.

The 28-song, 2 hour set covered their entire career, from their first U.K. top ten single, 1963's Stay, to music from their latest albums Staying Power (2006) and Then, Now, Always (2009).

The current lineup for the group is:
  • Tony Hicks (guitar, 1963-today)
  • Bobby Elliott (drums, 1963-today)
  • Peter Howarth (lead vocal, 2004-today)
  • Steve Lauri (guiter, 2004-today)
  • Ian Parker (keyboards, 1991-today)
  • Ray Stiles (bass, 1986-1990, 1991-today)

Set 1
  • The Day That Curly Billy Shot Down Crazy Sam McGee (from Hollies, 1974)
  • I Can't Let Go (from Would You Believe/Beat Group (U.S.), 1966)
  • Jennifer Eccles (single, 1968)
  • Yes I Will (single, 1965)
  • On a Carousel (single, 1967)
  • Dolphin Days (from Then, Now, Always, 1969)
  • Sandy (from Another Night, 1975)
  • King Midas in Reverse (from Dear Eloise/King Midas in Reverse, 1967)
  • The Very Last Day (from Hollies/Hear! Hear! (U.S.), 1965)
  • Just One Look (from Here I Go Again, 1964)
  • Stay (from Stay With the Hollies/Here I Go Again (U.S.), 1964)
  • Too Young to Be Married (from Confessions of the Mind, 1970)
  • Look Through Any Window (from Hear! Hear!, 1965)
Set 2
  • I'm Alive (from Hear! Hear!, 1965)
  • Sorry Suzanne (single, 1969)
  • Bus Stop (from Bus Stop, 1966)
  • The Baby (from remastered Romany, 2007)
  • I Can't Tell the Bottom From the Top (single, 1970)
  • Listen to Me (single, 1968)
  • Here I Go Again (from Here I Go Again, 1964)
  • Gasoline Alley Bred (single, 1970)
  • Weakness (from Staying Power, 2006)
  • Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress (from Distant Light, 1971)
  • Carrie Anne (from Evolution, 1967)
  • Stop! Stop! Stop! (from For Certain Because.../Stop Stop Stop (U.S.), 1966
  • He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother (from He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother, 1969)
  • The Air That I Breathe (from Hollies, 1974)
  • Let Love Pass (from Staying Power, 2006)

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