Don Henley Releasing New Album in May; Says a Former Eagle is Returning to the Fold

Henley's Last Studio Album (2000)
Don Henley has said in an interview on Philadelphia's WMGK that he will have a new solo album in May called Cass Country.

For the Eagle member, it is only his fifth solo album over a 31 year span and his first in 13 years, dating back to 2000's Inside Job.

According to the interview, Cass Country does lean towards the country genre. "Some of it’s traditional country, some of it is what you might call alt-country, and I’ve got a lot of interesting guest vocalists and musicians on there with me. I made a lot of the album in Nashville. Some of it was recorded here in Dallas and some of it was recorded in Southern California. I’m pretty pleased with it."

Henley is keeping tight lipped about who those guests are, just as he is not saying what former Eagle member will be joining the band for an upcoming tour. The only clue he would say was that it was not Don Felder which would only leave either Bernie Leadon or Randy Meisner.

The full interview can be heard at WMGK's site.

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Anonymous said...

Can you imagine the impact an Eagles reunion including Don Felder would have on anyone who ever bought an Eagles album, sang along to Hotel California or read with dismay of the group's break-up? Hey, Frey and boys don't have much longer on the planet. How about thinking of your fans and your legacy (with no egos or money involved) and be big enough to bring Felder back? We all know he wasn't an original member. We all know you guys were the driving force behind the group. All due credit to you. BUT, do you not realize that Felder is an Eagles personality and represents the unique Eagles sound like no one else can? Come on, guys. You're in your 60's. Swallow some pride and give the world of Eagles fans a solid.

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