Steve Martin and Edie Brickell to Spin Some Folk & Bluegrass Tales

The unlikely duo of comedian/actor/banjo player Steve Martin and bohemian singer Edie Brickell raised a few eyebrows when their new collaboration was initially announced, but the naysayers are being proven wrong by some initial listens.

The duo's new album, Love Has Come For You, will be released on April 23 via Rounder Records has thirteen tracks that are being called "rootsy" with banjo by Martin and singing and lyrics by Brickell.

Brickell, who came to prominence in 1988 with the album Shooting Rubberbands at the Stars and it's hit single What I Am, pointed out that banjo and bluegrass may not have been her first choice in recording. "I fell in love with the banjo tunes because at first listen they evoked images and stories that were true to me."

Martin added "The banjo can be so evocative when it’s used sparingly, and that was in the back of my mind as we were writing. It’s the way I’ve longed to play and hear the banjo, rather than it being present at every moment. In these songs, the point is to tell the story and get out."

The album was produced by Peter Asher who said "Steve’s playing the banjo and she’s singing. They’re not bluegrass, but they’re written on the banjo. Even though Steve, of course, does a lot of bluegrass music, these are different, and she’s written these beautiful melodies and lyrics that work with the banjo perfectly. It’s quite stunning."

Also appearing on the album are Esperanza Spalding, Waddy Watchell, Nickel Creek's Sean and Sara Watkins and Martin's Steep Canyon Rangers.

The duo will tour together after the album's release.

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