Group of Artists To Rerecord Beatles' Please Please Me Album in Marathon Session

When the Beatles originally recorded their debut album, Please Please Me, at Abbey Road Studios, they did it in on marathon twelve hour session.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the album, a group of artists from Mick Hucknall to the Stereophonics will attempt to record a new version of the set in the same timeframe for a BBC documentary.

The event will happen on February 11 and will be broadcast live on BBC Radio 2 with hosts Stuart Maconie and Jo Whiley. The session will be edited down for a BBC Four special called 12 Hours to Please Me which will be broadcast just four days later.

While many of the artists that will be involved are modern, a couple of names from the past will be on hand including engineer Richard Langham and Beatles press officer Tony Barrow, both of which were around for the recording of the original album.

The special session is the highlight of the BBC series The Golden Age of the Album. BBC Four controller Richard Klein said "I'm thrilled to be celebrating The Golden Age Of The Album across both television and radio. We're taking a look behind the scenes of a really exciting moment in popular music history when some of our most iconic albums were recorded, and trying to discover what are the essential ingredients that make an album great."

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