Scorpions Officially Cancel Their Retirement

Not QUITE the Final Sting
Just under three years ago, the band the Scorpions announced that they would be ending their 40-plus year career after touring in support of their album Sting of the Tail. In June of last year, member Matthias Jabs indicated that the band would be continuing, but in a limited capacity.

As of a new interview in Classic Rock magazine, it looks like even the limited capacity could be in jeopardy. It seems that the band has been totally reinvigorated by the reception to their last album.

Frontman Klaus Meine told the publication "As the emotion built, it [not retiring] became a gradual decision. It’s one thing to say, ‘This is going to be the end of the Scorpions’ and another to do it. Our Sting In The Tail album was such a success that a whole new generation of fans joined the party. It was amazing. And you know that with all the best parties it’s sometimes hard to find the door?"

Upcoming is an album of older material from the 80's which will be followed by a new album.

"I don’t want to say too much right now but I can reassure you there is still life in those bloody old Scorpions. We’ll just have to see what’s realistic. We’re working on a documentary movie about the band’s history. We filmed the tour’s big finale in Munich which was very emotional."

As it looks, the Scorpions will be Rockin' Like a Hurricane for a number of more years to come.

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