Interview and Performance: Dick Taylor and Phil May of the Pretty Things

Paul Cashmere of recently had the opportunity to talk to a couple of music legends, Dick Taylor and Phil May of the Pretty Things.

The Pretty Things are music history. Guitarist Taylor was an original member of The Rolling Stones, singer May was David Bowie’s greatest inspiration.

The Pretty Things formed in Britain in 1963. Dick had just left The Stones. Their first two songs Don’t Bring Me Down and Rosalyn were UK hits. Bowie covered both on his Pin-Ups album.

The Pretty Things album S.F. Sorrow was also the first ever rock opera. Pete Townshend ran with the idea and a year later created The Who’s Tommy.

The Pretty Things toured Australia for the very first time in 2012 and dropped into

Here, the perform Honey I Need, Rosalyn and Come To My Kitchen

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