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Rod Stewart and the Monkees Get RIAA Certificates in November

In a month full of Gangnam Style awards and the bestowing of a Diamond Certificate (10,000,000 units sold) on Adele, two veteran artists shined through to claim their own certifications from the RIAA.

Rod Stewart received a Gold and a Platinum Album for his latest, Merry Christmas, Baby. For Stewart, it's his first award since receiving a Gold Album back in 2006 for Still the Same: Great Rock Classics of Our Time. He now has a total of 67 certifications from the RIAA.

For the Monkees, it's their first award in twelve years, going back to a Gold Album in 2000 for Greatest Hits. In total, the group has 26 certifications.

November's awards to veteran artists:

Platinum Album (1,000,000 units sold)

  • Merry Christmas, Baby - Rod Stewart
Gold Album (500,000 units sold)

  • Merry Christmas, Baby - Rod Stewart
  • Best of the Monkees - Monkees


Marge C said…
Now we Need to see the Monkees in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.
It's a disgraced that they are
passed over every year
Anonymous said…
I agree with Marge C. The Monkees deserve to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and it's only because the press took an unreasonably negative view of them way back when, which has persisted in the minds of some, that they are not. A group that has continued to be popular with all generations for nearly 50 years should definitely be included.
Unknown said…
I agree completely, it's time they get the credit they deserve!
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
The reason their not in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame is the fact Jann Wenner (the head of it) won't let them in. The only way they will ever get in is when Wenner is gone. Sad to say someone won't let an act in over his own bias , but that is how the world is.
Unknown said…
Stop buying rolling stone. And why did nesmith even give them an interview if they don't think they are artists?
Anonymous said…
I agree...The Monkees should be in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame...i even mentioned it to them recently on facebook and twitter.