Preview: She's Got a Way: Love Songs - Billy Joel

Artist: Billy Joel
Title: She's Got a Way: Love Songs
Release Date: January 22, 2013
Label: Sony Legacy
Format(s): CD, DD

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Sony Legacy will release She's Got a Way: Love Songs, a collection of 18 classics about love by Billy Joel.

The tracks on the album span his entire career from the 1971 album Cold Spring Harbor to songs from his last pop studio recording, 1993's River of Dreams. Included are his hits Just the Way You Are (Grammy winner for Record and Song of the Year in 1977) and An Innocent Man along with top ten adult contemporary songs This Is the Time, She's Got a Way and She's Always a Woman.

She's Got A Way: Love Songs is a perfect distillation of the artist's expressions of love and romance over the course of his life and career. The album brings together some of Billy's finest and most heartfelt performances, iconic hits playing alongside under-appreciated deep catalog selections.

Track List:
  • Travelin' Prayer (from Piano Man, 1973)
  • The Night Is Still Young (from Greatest Hits: Volume I and II, 1985)
  • This Is The Time (from The Bridge, 1986)
  • She's Got A Way (Live) (from Songs in the Attic, 1981)
  • Temptation (from The Bridge, 1986)
  • Nocturne (from Cold Spring Harbor, 1971)
  • Until The Night (from 52nd Street, 1978)
  • She's Right On Time (from The Nylon Curtain, 1982)
  • You're My Home (Piano Man, 1973)
  • Just The Way You Are (from The Stranger, 1977)
  • She's Always A Woman (from The Stranger, 1977)
  • State Of Grace (from Storm Front, 1989)
  • Honesty (from 52nd Street, 1978)
  • This Night (from An Innocent Man, 1983)
  • Shameless (from Storm Front, 1989)
  • An Innocent Man (from An Innocent Man, 1983)
  • All About Soul (Remix) (from River of Dreams, 1993)
  • And So It Goes (from Storm Front, 1989)

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