Lita Ford Points to Joan Jett as the Holdup For a Runaways Reunion

Lita Ford did a lot of work over the summer to bring the original members of the Runaways back together, including a dinner with Joan Jett, the first time the two had talked in three decades.

Ford talked to about her plans for 2013 including the possibility for that reunion:
"I can't get a yes or no out of Joan. So I've kind of thrown in the towel. It's now or never. I would love it, but for some reason, I don't know why, it's Joan's camp. The ball is in her camp. It's up to them."
Even if it doesn't come together, Ford will have a very busy year with the publication of her autobiography, Living Like a Runaway, a live album and a tour.
"We've got the Monsters of Rock Cruise ( - that's going to be pretty awesome. That's March, and it's through the Bahamas. And then we're going to be playing in Scandinavia in the summer of 2013, and the US."
To read the whole interview, including Lita's encounter with Led Zeppelin, go to Bravewords.

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