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Could the Beatles or Mick Jagger Replace Charles Darwin on British £10 Bill

Although they are just two out of 150 names that the British public have suggested to replace Charles Darwin on the new British Series F £10 notes, there is a slight chance the faces of the Beatles or Mick Jagger might be sitting in a U.K. cash drawer in the near future.

Those two classic British artists, along with modern singer Robbie Williams, have made the longlist of candidates for the new bill. Their competition, though, is very stiff with the likes of Winston Churchill, William Shakespeare, Princess Diana and the late Queen Mother. Also on the list are people like David Beckham, Steven Hawking, John Cleese, Sir David Attenborough and composer Benjamin Britain.

The person getting the most support, with an on-line petition that has been signed by 25,000, is World War II codebreaker Alan Turing who may be better known for the criminal prosecution during the 50's for being homosexual.

No word on when a final decision may be made. The full list can be seen at the Bank of England site.