Watch: Prince Releases Video For Rock and Roll Love Affair

For the first time in three years, we have a new video from Prince.

Set in the Purple Rain star’s famous Paisley Park Studios, the video shows Prince sporting a "classically cool" look, complete with afro and round sunglasses.

The clip also features some members of his band, the NPG, including Andy Allo, who released her own album, Superconductor, earlier this week. Drummer Hannah Ford and Bassist Ida Nielsen show off 20s-inspired attire, with the whole video seemingly depicting a modern take on a vintage scene.

His first official music video in over 3 years, this also has significance because of its release onto YouTube, a medium Prince has rallied against for several years. Add to that the release of Andy’s album on iTunes yesterday and we might possibly be seeing a shift in thinking, or perhaps simply a concession, by the iconic musician whose 35-year career has spanned several major changes to the music industry landscape.

The inclusion in the video of the ‘NPG Music Club’ logo on the floor of the studio, along with the large ‘Rainbow Children’ mural on the wall (depicting the album cover from his 2001 album, The Rainbow Children), has left fans guessing across fansites and social media as to whether these are clues, offering insights into what 2013 might have in store for Prince fans, or whether they’re just classic red – or rather purple – herrings, something for which Prince is somewhat notorious.

What we do know is that the single, Rock And Roll Love Affair, is out now through Swiss label, Purple Music, and can be ordered as a CD single, 12″ vinyl or 12″ picture disc from their website.

Check out the video for Rock And Roll Love Affair below.

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