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Watch: Brooklyn's Flooded Norton Records Tries to Save Their Vinyl

Along with the devastation to thousand's of homes in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut from last week's hurricane Sandy, many, many businesses were either severely damaged or destroyed due, in much part, to the flooding.

One of those businesses is Brooklyn's Norton Records owned by Miriam Linna, ex-drummer for the Cramps and the Zantees, and her husband Billy Miller. In business 31 years, the label's warehouse in Red Hook was flooded, damaging thousand's of vinyl products, especially 45's.

Volunteers have been flooding to the business to help salvage as much of the vinyl as possible, taking it from waterlogged sleeves and carefully drying, cleaning and re-sleeving in dry covers, but there is much still to be done. 

The Norton website posted the following message:
Thanks to all who have checked in offering concern for us here at Norton Records during Hurricane Sandy. Our home and office were unaffected by the hurricane, however Norton's Brooklyn warehouse facility was hit hard, destroying most of Norton's catalog stock.

We ask at this time that you hold off on ordering until we can assess the damages.
The following video features both Linna and Miller with many shots of the devastation.

Anyone in the tri-state area who would like to help the Norton people out can contact them at 917-671-7185.