Stephen Stills Finally Opens Up About Failed Buffalo Springfield Reunion

Stephen Stills has finally talked about the Buffalo Springfield reunion tour that never happened.

The reformed group famously played a short set two years ago at Neil Young's Bridge School Concert followed by seven shows in 2011 including the Bonnaroo Festival. Plans then began to be put in place for a more extended reunion tour in the fall of that year. In July 2011, Richie Furay announced that the tour had been pushed from 2011 to 2012 followed, in February of this year, by a statement that the tour was off.

Today, Rolling Stone published statements from Stills that place the blame directly on Neil Young who has been very busy in 2012 releasing two albums with Crazy Horse (Americana and Psychedelic Pill) and touring in support.

"We were supposed to work for most of the summer," Stills told the magazine. "It left me in a lurch for three quarters and ruined my financial planning. Also, 150 people got laid off that were supposed to work on the tour."

He went on to complain about the prep for such a small number of shows. "We didn't go all that trouble for seven shows. That's what impetuosity will do for you. You can't go off half-cocked . . . When Neil is involved with anything you need a seatbelt."

Don't be looking for another reunion anytime soon. Stephen said "For the purpose of this interview, no."

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