John Fogerty to Write Memoir

John Fogerty has joined the long list of classic rock artists who are telling their story in memoir form. Little, Brown and Co. have announced that the former Creedence Clearwater front man has signed with them for a 2014 release.

This one could be particularly interesting considering the many conflicts in which Fogerty has been involved including his own rocky relationship with the other members of CCR, the protracted legal battles over the songs he wrote with the band brought by Fantasy Records owner Saul Zantz, and his roller coaster-like solo career.

Fogerty said in a statement "I want to tell the story of how I fought ... hard ... to maintain my artistic integrity in the face of opposing forces.

"The kid from El Cerrito (Calif.) wanted to be the best musician in the world — my promise to myself. I accomplished that goal against all odds, only to have it fall apart on top of me. The songs and the music stopped; you didn’t hear from John Fogerty for years. All of this took its toll on me. I couldn’t write a song, sing a song. And it was so hard on me, all of the lawsuits and betrayals. I was personally fading away. My story will share the ups and downs and how it all affected me. The road back was a bumpy one, and I knew that it would take years to come out of it, but I did. Happily, I did, with my dear wife, Julie, by my side.

"I have come to a place where I can look back and reflect on those stories and share what really happened. I am the guy who lived it, and you will hear me tell the story for the first time."

It was also announced that Fogerty, himself, would voice the audiobook version.

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