Rod Stewart to Finally Release An Album of Original Music

It has been eleven years since Rod Stewart has released an album of original music, going all the way back to 2001's Human. Since then, there has been five volumes in the Great American Songbook series, one album of classic rock covers and one album of soul covers, along with his upcoming holiday album.

Forget about Stewart’s cheesy Christmas album and the rest of his decade-long output. The real record to wait for will be a brand new album of original songs with his band in March.

So, could we see a Rod Stewart showcase at SXSW in 2013? It’s possible. Lionel Ritchie showcased at SXSW this year. So did Bruce Springsteen. Maybe Rod will take the stage in 2013.

Rod Stewart could do with a dose of SXSW cred after the release of the Christmas record. Stewart will launch Merry Christmas Baby on the Home Shopping Network in October. He holds the record for HSN sales after selling 25,000 units of Fly Me To The Moon in one-hour on HSN in 2010.

Merry Christmas Baby will be launched with a one-hour special at 8pm (ET) on October 26. The album will be bundled with his Best Of CD and sell for $14.95.

Lionel Ritchie also used HSN to launch his country record Tuskegee. He also performed at Austin’s ACL Live Moody Theatre during SXSW this year. For the record, I have no insider info on Rod Stewart at SXSW. That is purely a guess.

Rod Stewart will also release his first book next month. Rod: The Autobiography will be released on October 23.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, Human wasn't even his last original (i.e. with something written by him) album - you'd have to go way back to 1998 and When We Were The New Boys, which was essentially a covers album with the exception of the title track, for something written by him.

I should also mention that technically his Christmas album does have one original song which was written by Stewart, David Foster and Amy Foster.

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