$50 Million Lawsuit Against Journey's Neal Schon is Dropped

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The $50 million lawsuit brought by Tareq Salahi against Neal Schon and his band Journey has been dropped as part of the divorce agreement between Tareq and now ex-wife Michele Salahi.

The lawsuit, which was brought by Salahi after his wife began an affair with Schon, charged unfair and devious business practices against Schon and two entertainment companies, saying that they schemed to break up his marriage and engaged in "outrageous and intolerable conduct" to promote their business interests. The suit had already been dismissed by a circuit court in Warren County as being "deficient."

"Virginia Circuit Judge Dennis Hupp twice dismissed Tareq's lawsuits against Mr. Schon, Michaele Salahi and Journey as being deficient in claims, while at the same time allowing Michaele's $850,000 defamation suit against Tareq to move forward. Notwithstanding the foregoing, a resolution was reached on all matters by all parties," said Bruce Blanchard, the attorney who represented Schon and Journey.

As reported by the Northern Virginia Daily News, "After more than an hour of quarreling between attorneys from all sides, Judge Dennis L. Hupp granted a final divorce decree to Tareq and Michaele Salahi and entered a dismissal order for the $50 million personal injury lawsuit that Tareq Salahi had filed against Journey, Schon and Nomata, an entertainment company."

Neal Schon said "I was never concerned about the $50 million lawsuit as I knew it was always about their divorce. It's over. I win, she's with me. I wish Tareq the best with his candidacy."

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