Steven Tyler May Have Been Pushed Into Leaving American Idol

It looks like there was more to Steven Tyler's decision to leave American Idol then just his excitement about working again with Aerosmith. Tyler announced his departure from the show on Thursday.
It has been widely reported that his bandmates in Aerosmith were unhappy when he joined the show and this is believed to have influenced his decision to leave.
"The situation smacks of the band forcing him to make a choice between Idol or Aerosmith," leading PR specialist Glenn Selig said. "He chose Aerosmith."
The 64-year-old rocker revealed he was quitting the show to focus on his music career with the band.
The promotional tour for their next album release would have clashed with his commitments to the Idol auditions in November.
Steven's reputation as a rock star was also at risk of being damaged by his association with the popular music contest and the daily rumours around the panel judges.
"I absolutely think there was pressure on him from bandmates not to go back on the show," an industry insider explained. "Steven wants to regain some shred of independent credibility."
In other Idol news, Jennifer Lopez also decided to exit idol on Friday leaving two slots on the judging panel open. Rumors are swirling that Randy Jackson, the third judge and the only one to have been on the entire run of the show, is trying to influence Mariah Carey into coming on board.

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