Lars Ulrich Reveals Details on Making of Metallica 3D Film

Lars Ulrich has said Metallica’s forthcoming 3D film will not be like The Song Remains The Same.

Metallica have been drip-feeding info about their forthcoming 3D concert film and now Lars Ulrich has revealed some details about the flick to Billboard.

He chuckled about the idea that they’d be emulating Zeppelin’s narrative film The Song Remains The Same.

“Yeah, I’ve got my horse and my sword and my battle armor,” he joked, “Not quite that, but their are stranger references than The Song Remains the Same. I certainly don’t mean to be disrespectful in that way; I have nothing but love for Led Zeppelin and The Song Remains the Same. (The film) is a narrative, and the rest of the stuff that goes on outside of the concert is not going to feature members of Metallica…in any way, shape or form. It’s a split narrative that kind of runs parallel to the concert.”

Director Nimrod Antal will film their two shows on August 24 and 25 at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, Canada. Ulrich added, “Then the rest of the film will be shot the next two or three weeks after the shows in Vancouver, into the middle to the third week of September”.

They expect a 2013 release.

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