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Aerosmith Pushes New Album From August to November

Aerosmith's new album, Music From Another Dimension, has been pushed from August 28 to November 6.

Steven Tyler told Cleveland's WMMS "Too many [other notable recording artists] are releasing [new albums] those weeks [in late summer]. We don't wanna step on their release dates. So we said, 'You know what?! We've got the goods. [There] ain't no doubt about it. We'll wait another couple of months.'"

Here's the major and semi-major rock albums scheduled for the surrounding weeks:
  • August 14
    • The Story of Light - Steve Vai
  • August 21
    • Last of a Dying Breed - Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • August 28
    • Havoc and Bright Light - Alanis Morissette
  • September 4
    • Sun - Cat Power
    • Privateering - Mark Knopfler
    • Sounds That Can't Be Maid - Marillion
    • North - Matchbox Twenty
  • September 11
    • Theatre is Evil - Amanda Palmer & the Grand Theft Orchestra
    • Observator - XX
There is nothing in the two weeks on either side of the release of the album that we can see as a threat to Aerosmith. Some sites are reporting that Tyler and Joe Perry are not done with mixing but, if that was the case, why wouldn't Tyler have just said that. This all leads one to wonder if there is a problem with the quality of the album or new infighting in the group.

No matter, Aerosmith fans have an extra two-plus months to wait for the band's first new music in eleven years. 


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