120 Rare Country Tracks From Plantation Records Released by X5 Music Group

X5 Music Group has just release six digital albums of music from Plantation Records, the country music label started by Shelby Singleton in 1968. Plantation not only signed new artists, including Jeannie C. Riley (Harper Valley P.T.A. was the labels biggest hit), but also many country music veterans, helping them extend their careers well into the 70's.

The albums are important, historically, as they contain over thirty tracks by artists like Ray Pillow, John Wesley Ryles, and Webb Pierce that have never been released into the digital marketplace. One of those is Webb Pierce's Good Lord Giveth And Uncle Sam Taketh Away, a 1975 hit on Billboard's Country Songs chart (#57). The flamboyant Pierce is still regarded as one of honky-tonk's all-time greats, with more charted hits in the 1950s than any other country artist.

Another curious song on the series is Linda Martell's 1969 hit Color Him Father (#14 on Billboard's Country Songs chart), a testament to the iconoclasm of Plantation's catalog: Martell was the first African-American woman to perform at the Grand Ole Opry and one of the few black women to ever chart in the country world.

The storied Plantation Records, led by founder Shelby Singleton (who also purchased the legendary Sun Records), were determined not to play ball with the rigid, formulaic country music of the late 60s and 70s. Plantation released music from countless legends including Hank Locklin, Jimmie Davis, Carol Channing, and Jimmy C. Newman throughout the 1960s and 70s.

"In creating custom digital products from the catalog licensed from Sun Entertainment, we were pleasantly surprised to find some great tracks from the Plantation Records catalog that have never been released digitally," says Scott Ambrose Reilly, North American C.E.O of X5 Music Group. "There are so many gems in the Sun Entertainment catalog, many of which have only been heard on vinyl or collector's box sets. X5's model is all about helping people discover music they will enjoy, and we know people would appreciate these singles if properly presented to them."

Here are the set lists for the six albums:

Part 1
  • Big Fanny - Neil Ray
  • Harper Valley P.T.A. - Jeannie C. Riley
  • (I Want to Be) a Truck Driver's Sweetheart - Marcie Dickerson
  • The Girl Most Likely - Jeannie C. Riley
  • Loving Hands at Home - George Kent
  • Somebody's Gonna Plow Your Field - Becki Bluefield
  • Blow In His Ear - David Wilkins
  • Long Black Veil - Marty Collins & Bobbye Jean
  • Beautiful Downtown Burbank - The Harper Valley PTA
  • Ann - Skipp Gibbs
  • There Never Was a Time - Jeannie C. Riley
  • The Big Man - Dee Mullins
  • The Rib - Jeannie C. Riley
  • Maggie (Had a Bear Behind) - David Wilkins
  • Color Him Father - Linda Martell
  • Reconsider Me - Ray Pillow
  • Dear Ann Landers - Becki Bluefield
  • Groovy Grubworm - Harlow Wilcox
  • The Back Side of Dallas - Jeannie C. Riley
  • Irving - David Wilkins
Part 2
  • Guilt Box - Dee Mullins
  • Before the Next Teardrop Falls - Linda Martell
  • It Takes All Kinds of People - Ray Pillow
  • The Cheating Line - Paul Martin
  • Country Girl - Jeannie C. Riley
  • Golden Guitar Flower - Harlow Wilcox
  • Bad Case Of The Blues - Linda Martell
  • Mom And Dad's Waltz - Tokyo Matsu
  • Is That All There Is - Maxine Brown
  • Slice of Life - Ray Pillow
  • Yesterme, Yesteryou, Yesterday - Ruby Wright
  • Put A Little Loving On Me - David Wilkins
  • Preacher And The Movie - Lawton Williams
  • Duty Not Desire - eannie C. Riley
  • Cripple Cricket - Harlow Wilcox
  • Next Face I See (Will Be Jesus) - Dee Mullins
  • Ballad Of Morgan - Lawton Williams
  • My Man - Jeannie C. Riley
  • Asphalt Cowboy - Sleepy LaBeef
  • You're Crying Boy, Crying - Linda Martell
Part 3
  • Remember Bethlehem (The Intake School Carol) - Dee Mullins
  • Let That Big Plane Carry You (Airplane Song) - Ben Story
  • Battle Hymn of Lt. Calley - Terry Nelson
  • She Hates To Be Alone - David Wilkins
  • Oh Singer - Jeannie C. Riley
  • Blackland Farmer - Sleepy LaBeef
  • Good Enough To Be Your Wife - Jeannie C. Riley
  • We've Only Just Begun - Little Jimmy Dempsey
  • Uncle Boogar Red And Byrdie Nelle - Rex Allen Jr.
  • Hello I'm Johnny Credit - Johnny Credit
  • Roses and Thorns - Jeannie C. Riley
  • Reconsider Me - John Wesley Ryles
  • House Of Blue Lovers - James O'Gwynn
  • Swing Low Sweet Sherry - Don Powell
  • The Lions Club - Jeannie C. Riley
  • Howard Hughes Is Alive And Well - Sonny Hall
  • D O A O D - Jackie Burns
  • I Honky Tonked All the Way Back Home - Rex Allen Jr.
  • Fox on the Run - Bluegrass Alliance
  • Two Shadows On The Wall - John Wesley Ryles
Part 4
  • Dallas - Jimmie Dale Gilmore and the Flatlanders
  • If You Could Read My Mind - Jeannie C. Riley
  • The Love Of This Woman - John Wesley Ryles
  • I've Never Been This Far Before - Rita Remington
  • Jole Blon - Jimmie Dale Gilmore and the Flatlanders
  • Hippie From Mississippi - Rusty Adams
  • Gotebo - James O'Gwynn
  • Welcome Home - Rita Remington
  • Thank You - Lois Ann Struck
  • Days Of Autumn Gold - Rita Remington
  • Singing In The Jungle - James O'Gwynn
  • If Jesus Played The Guitar - Rusty Adams
  • How Can I See Through These Tears In My Eyes - Rita Remington
  • Hey Buddy Part 1 - Big John Wilson
  • We Tried - Rita Remington
  • Thinkin' on You - Lois Ann Struck
  • Tender Years - James O'Gwynn
  • Good Lord Giveth And Uncle Sam Taketh Away - Webb Pierce
  • Border City Call Girl - Ben Davidson Hewitt
  • These Arms You Push Away - Hank Locklin
Part 5
  • I've Got Leaving On My Mind - Webb Pierce
  • One Night Gone - James O'Gwynn
  • That's Me Without You - Webb Pierce
  • Daytime Love Affair - Hank Locklin
  • Diggy Liggy Lo - Jimmy C. Newman
  • Orange Blossom Rock - Gordon Terry & The Tennessee Guitars
  • Got You On My Mind - Carol Channing & Webb Pierce
  • Don't Love Me Half To Death - Rita Remington
  • Alligator Man - Jimmy C. Newman
  • Sparkling Brown Eyes - Webb Pierce
  • Hello Dolly - Carol Channing and Hank Locklin and Jimmy C. Newman
  • Disco Mule - Gordon Terry & The Tennessee Guitars
  • My Melody Of Love - Rita Remington
  • Blueberry Hill - Rufus Thibodeaux and the Cajun Brass, Strings & Voices
  • Where The Old River Flows - Jimmie Davis
  • If I Could Get Just One More Hit - James O'Gwynn
  • I've Had A Beautiful Time - Charlie Walker
  • Louisiana Cajun Rock Band - Carol Channing & Jimmy C. Newman
  • T For Texas - Charlie Walker
  • Runaround Sue - Leroy Van Dyke
Part 6
  • To Each His Own - Rita Remington
  • Red Skies Over Georgia - Charlie Walker
  • Pretending She's You - Jimmie Davis
  • Thibodeaux & His Cajun Band - Jimmy C. Newman
  • Memphis Sun - Murray Kellum
  • Widow Jones - Barbara Eden
  • Tonight My Solitaire Turns Into Gin - Charlie Walker
  • The Happy Cajun - Jimmy C. Newman & Cajun Country
  • Beautiful Sunday - Roy Drusky
  • Chattanooga Choo Choo - Rita Remington
  • Please Mr. Please - Charlie Walker
  • Sugar Bee - Jimmy C. Newman
  • The Last Farewell - Roy Drusky
  • A Cajun Man Can - Jimmy C. Newman & Cajun Country
  • On My Way Out - Webb Pierce and Debbie Pierce
  • Don't Bite The Hand That's Feeding You - Leroy Van Dyke
  • Baby Grand - Rita Remington
  • Wasn't It Good - Patti Page
  • Do What You Do Do Well - Sean Soroka
  • Don't We Belong In Love - Rita Remington

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