Rumor Mill: Bill Wyman Rejoining the Rolling Stones

Rumors say that Bill Wyman will be joining the Rolling Stones for their 50th anniversary.

Plans are underway for a 50th anniversary event that is now likely to take place in 2013, marking 50 years since Charlie Watts joined the band.

The Rolling Stones timeline is:

  • April 1962 – Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Brian Jones form the band
  • June, 1962 – ‘The Rollin’ Stones’ first gig under than name
  • December, 1962 – Bill Wyman joins
  • January, 1963 – Charlie Watts

Officially, the 50th came and went this month without any fanfare. According to Keith Richards, the 50th should be marked from when Charlie joined.

However, getting agreement on what to do has been difficult for The Stones. Charlie’s decision to stop touring after A Bigger Bang made the band re-evaluate its future and the 50th events could very well make this time really be the last time for The Stones.

Instead of another major tour, the plans are being drawn up for a series of one-offs and that suits Wyman. Like Charlie, he won’t tour either but a few shows and a few sessions seems within his comfort zone. However, Bill won’t get on a plane so his “one-off” may be limited to London. In 1990 while on tour with The Stones he was on a plane in a nasty storm. That is why he will no longer fly unless it is absolutely necessary.

Bill was the oldest member of The Rolling Stones. He is 75-years old now, 5 years older than Charlie. He left The Rolling Stones after Steel Wheels. His departure was announced in December, 1992.

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