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Robin Gibb States That His Cancer is Gone

Even with his recent re-admittance to the hospital, Robin Gibb says that his cancer is gone. Gibb's son, RJ, passed along the news.

The 29-year-old son of the legendary Bee Gees star opened up to Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper about the recent news.

He said that Robin told him from his hospital bed that he had received positive feedback from the doctors.

"It's gone, they can't see it no more. I've done it," Robin, 62, told his son.

RJ revealed that he then hugged his father and held hands as they took in the information.

"I leant over the hospital bed and I kissed him on the forehead, looking him in the eyes and said, 'I love you.' It was the best news we could have hoped for."

But RJ warned that the liver and colon cancer that Robin battled could come back at any time and he will have to keep going back for 'tests and check-ups.'

Robin was diagnosed last year, coming nine years after his twin brother Maurice died from complications of a twisted intestine at 53.


Lord, let's hope it STAYS gone!!