Barry Gibb & Son Fly to the U.K. to Be At Robin Gibb's Bedside

Despite glowing reports from Robin Gibb, through his son R.J., that the Bee Gee great has beaten cancer, there are ominous reports about current events.

According to the U.K. Sun newspaper, doctors suspect that Robin may have developed pneumonia and his brother and bandmate, Barry, flew in from Tennessee to be at his side. Later on Saturday, Barry's son Stephen also flew in from Miami.

Robin has been treated and, reportedly, beaten liver cancer but was then hospitalized again recently for a twisted bowel.

A family member talked to the Sun, saying "They fear it may be the last time they’ll see Robin. His recovery and determination has been remarkable, but there’s been a turn for the worse. His body’s taken a hell of a beating. The doctors fear for him but he’s determined to battle on.”

Robin's son Spencer, who is now recording as a solo artist, had the following posted on his Facebook page on Sunday:
Fans, Friends, and Family...

On behalf of Spencer, I would first like to thank everyone for all of the love and support that has been given, for both the music and the man. It has neither gone un-noticed nor un-appreciated.

Lately, it has been no secret that Spencer's father, Robin, has been ill. Spencer has been at the side of his father and his family and will remain so for as long as he is needed.

I, along with the Gibb family, would like to extend many thanks for every concern that has been shared and conveyed. Nothing we have or will do is worth a thing without the love and appreciation of our fans.

At this point however, it is at the request of Spencer that fans of the Gibb family direct their concerns, questions and comments to their official and professional websites and/or pages.

Please allow the family their privacy and respect as they deal with this very challenging situation.

It is also at the request of Spencer that I convey the forward momentum of his UK campaign. In true Gibb form, the show will go on. There are many great things slated for the near future; as the response to Spencer's music has been both promising and unanimous.

On behalf of Spencer Gibb and his family, who have given so much to so many for so long, I thank you all.


Aaron Frescas
Director of Operations/Musical Director for
Spencer Gibb

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