Tom Jones Criticizes Non-Performing Talent Show Judges, Then Makes Major Mistake on The Voice

Tom Jones may think twice before criticizing other's abilities at judging on talent show.
Danny O'Donoghue, Tom Jones, Jessie J & of The Voice
Jones is one of the four judges on the new British version of The Voice and, while publicizing the show, talked about Simon Cowell who judges on the competing show Britain's Got Talent.

Tom said "I have problems when people who have never got up on a stage to sing judge those who do. Who are they to say? Simon Cowell is a record man, not a singer. How can someone give advice if he or she is not qualified? It’s like critics who criticise actors, never having been on a stage. Or having a teacher not experienced in teaching."

The British version of The Voice premiered on Saturday night with Jones, Jessie J, and Danny O'Donoghue as judges, all recording artists. For those not familiar with the program, during the early rounds, the contestants sing while the judges are on rotating chairs facing away from them, essentially allowing the judges to make decisions based solely on the singer's voice and not on looks or other factors. If they want the singer on their "team", they hit a button to turn the chair around.

Unfortunately for Jones, one of the contestants on the opening program was Alison Jiear, a singer who had done backup work for him during Australian tours and had opened for him at a recent show in London.

When Jiear sang, Tom didn't turn his chair around.

A source told Britain's Sun that Jones was torn up by his mistake. "Tom really likes Alison and felt terrible. It just shows how tricky the show is."

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