Bobby Rydell Undergoing Surgery for Undisclosed Condition

Former teen heartthrob Bobby Rydell has been forced to cancel an Australian tour due to what he called "major surgery."

Rydell first announced the cancellation last Wednesday on his Facebook page when he said "Had to cancel my upcoming Australia tour due to some health issues. Can't leave the country until I have a major surgery. Doc says I will make a full recovery so think good thoughts for me everyone. Bobby"

Three days later he posted a letter to his fans in Australia:
As you know, Australia is one of my favorite places on earth. I have been looking forward to my 2012 tour with great anticipation. Seeing your wonderful faces has always warmed my heart over the years.

Due to some serious health problems, the Doc tells me I am unable to leave the country. The tour has been cancelled for now until I have (major) surgery. The good news is I am expected to make a full recovery and I am sure we will all meet once again in Oz.

Think good thoughts for me...I always do when I think of you.

All the best mates,


There are reports that Bobby was in pain when he recently preformed in Jacksonville, FL on February 25. A statement was also issued by his promoter stating that "his health has deteriorated significantly and he is need of urgent surgery."

At this point, there is no further information on Rydell's ailment or if he has, in fact, had the surgery. We'll bring you more information as it becomes available.


Anonymous said...

It was revealed in the Philadelphia press that Bobby will undergo a liver transplant.

Anonymous said...

ANONYMOUS, I just googled the Philly press, no such info was "revealed" in the Philly papers.

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