Short Takes: Bono, Bruce Dickinson, Gary Glitter, KISS

Bono is about to get even richer. Billboard reports that the singer is managing director and co-founder of Elevation Partners which invests in media, entertainment and technology companies. It just so happens that one of those companies was Facebook, putting in $270 million on at least three occasions as the company grew.

With Facebook about to go public, the value is expected to soar and Elevation could make up to $360 million on their latest $120 million investment and up to $990 million on an early $90 million investment.

Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson had a dream come true earlier this week when he got to spend three days on-board the nuclear submarine HMS Victorious at Scotland's Faslane naval base.

A member of the Royal Navy told the Helensburgh Advertiser "He was extremely down to earth and hung around with everybody asking questions and chatting about his life. Everyone was happy to have him on board with us. Lots of people were stunned by it but some didn't know who he was."

Gary Glitter will lose out on thousands of dollars in royalties after the NFL ruled that his song Rock and Roll Part II could not be played during the Super Bowl. The song is used regularly at many sporting events to get the crowd going but it looks like Glitter's very spotty past (child sexual abuse) has finally caught up with his wallet.

KISS have pushed back the release date of their 25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of Destroyer to April 17. The 2-CD set will include the original album plus remixes and outtakes.

In addition, Figures Toy Company is issuing 8 and 12 inch retro KISS "action figures" showing the original members in their makeup and costumes. See them at

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