Michael Jackson & Queen Fall to Adele on Britain's All-Time Biggest Seller List...Dark Side of the Moon is Next

Who would believe the age of the recorded album is dead? Nobody if you are watching the meteoric rise of Adele's album 21 on Britain's list of the all-time biggest selling albums.

The Official Chart Company, who tracks everything recorded in Britain, has announced that Adele has moved past Michael Jackson and Queen on the chart to number 8 (never fear Queen and Jackson fans, they have albums still ahead of 21).

Also note that Adele and Oasis are the only non-veteran artists (i.e. recording less than 25 years) that have made this elite group.

Next up for the amazing album is Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon which is only 96,000 in sales away.

Britain's all-time top ten (at least as of today):

  1. Greatest Hits - Queen (5,863,000)
  2. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - Beatles (5,044,000)
  3. Gold: Greatest HitsABBA (4,989,000)
  4. What's the Story Morning Glory - Oasis (4,517,000)
  5. Thriller - Michael Jackson (4,248,000)
  6. Brothers in Arms - Dire Straits (4,152,000)
  7. Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd (4,114,000)
  8. 21 – Adele (4,020,000)
  9. Bad - Michael Jackson (3,959,000)
  10. Greatest Hits II - Queen (3,887,000)

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