Buffalo Springfield Reunion Tour Appears to Be Off

With the participants, it was probably too much to expect a Buffalo Springfield tour to come off without a hitch. Even though Neil Young, Stephen Stills and Richie Furay claimed to be having a great time at the few shows they did play, it seems that there is nothing planned for anytime in the future.

Furay recently talked with WBAI-FM's (New York) morning show and the conversation turned to the reunion. When asked about 2012 dates, he said:
Your guess is as good as mine. I doubt in 2012 that there will be, but I’m never gonna say never. Listen, the reunion that we did last year…came out of nowhere, it was nowhere on my radar …when I got the call from Neil I was really surprised. Then when we got together and we did the Bridge School Concert…it was so much fun, that we decided “let’s go on, let’s do a few more shows.”

I think everybody had it planned in their mind, ‘cause I was actually told…”We’re doing this 30 day tour.”, and you know, Neil is just fickle, and even though it boils down to all three of us making a decision…without the three of us, really there can’t be anything that would even resemble a Buffalo Springfield…I gotta say that we probably lost a little bit of our momentum; that isn’t to say it couldn’t be picked up again, but I certainly don’t see anything happening this year.

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